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Grow Gt85 Built in
Wireless charging & data sync

500Million awesome cameras.

Sync & Charging different
No plugs. No cables. No problems. Built-in wireless charging 
means you can charge & Sync data without the cords.
GT85 Colors Available
Blue - Grey - Coffee - White

Smart Case " Business "

The Smart Case is the most streamlined way to protect your grow tab, front and back, and its beautiful
The Smart Case it folds to create a stand, so you can position your grow tab for whatever you want to do, wherever you want.




Grow GT85 Performance



Your apps are all here


Choose from over a million apps on Google Play. Hail a taxi, find a recipe, run through a temple—Google Play has all the apps and games that let you make your Android device uniquely yours.



Your Kids Apps are ready


From the moment your kids will have Grow tab, you will never to worry what App they chose, becasue Grow Kids App have full parental control, you can control every ting such as using date and time, kind of Apps, web brwosing and so more, also you will get very clear report about what kind of App your kids like to using more every time.  


Kids rubber case ready



Grow Specifications


Grow Accessorise

Here’s everything you need for streaming videos and games to your TV
charging & sync wirelessly, listening to music, and much more.

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