Design your Space

Gorgeous from every angle

Craftsmanship at its finest

Boundless 360˚ Design

Exquisitely crafted, the QLED TV is sleek and modern. Design that’s refined to the finest detail.

Feel the difference


The secret is in the back

One-mount solution

Rethink the way you set up your TV. QLED TVs have a versatile one-mount solution that
lets you easily mount it on a wall or choose your favorite stand.#

#“No Gap” Wallmount, Studio and Gravity stands are sold separately.

Perfectly clean,
Perfectly hidden

A beautiful TV deserves a better way to manage cables. QLED TV hides
the wires in the stand so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

Hidden Cable

Open the stand cover to see
the neatly hidden power cable
and optical cable.