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Aikun Wholesale

Aikun is working with select distribution and retail partners in the United States and in countries around the world. If you’re interested in distributing our products and you don’t see your country in our list below, please reach out to If you are a reseller in one of the countries below, please contact the distributor directly.

4 Key Reasons to Become a Partner with Aikun

Superior Quality

Since 2006, we have perfected the quality control process, while still offering a price point that your customers demand. This includes ISO 9001 certified facilities, third party control, and auditing, PRE and post-shipment quality inspections, and internal guidelines and that greatly exceed industry standards.

Competitive Prices

Selling a commodity can be challenging, but Aikun has the tools in place to help our Partner succeed. We know you need to be competitive, but there is more than just price, you need selection and availability along with proven sales support. Aikun’s global supply chain is optimized to provide you competitive prices, industry-leading fill rates, and superior order accuracy.

Outstanding Supply

We stand very strong behind the quality of our products, and Our global footprint of quality control, teamwork, and facilities in China Make Aikun succeed to has a global presence, and our exacting attention to detail are the reasons we deliver 99.6% fill rates, with 99.8% order accuracy.

Outstanding Service

The service and support we provide our distributors are simply the best! Whether it’s our “Go To Market” sales strategy to support our clients’ glove growth or our innovative marketing programs customized for your business, it all comes down to one thing; Aikun helps you sell more.